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Imagine a world where it would be illegal to use colour in any way – where you would not be allowed to wear colourful clothes, decorate your home etc … Although we do happen to know a couple of people who would prefer living in a grey monochrome universe, for the rest of us, a life without colour is simply unimaginable. This necessity of colour and its emotional impact on our everyday lives is the main theme of the latest advertising campaign from UK consumer paints manufacturer Dulux, which has been launched on 02 March 2014 together with the release of its new commercial. Drawing its inspiration from Prohibition-Era USA, the video takes place in an imaginary world where colour has been banned, and is a ‘mini-epic’, complete with gangster car-chases, a budding romance and realistic computer-generated visuals. The main heroine is Amy, a young red-haired woman living in a colourless city who wants to change her life. One day, she comes across an illegal tin of wall paint and decides to transform her apartment with the bright teal colour it contains. This in turn opens her eyes to the secret love of a young writer living across the street. The video was directed by Christian&Patrick, while the overall campaign concept was designed by London-based creative agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty. Set and costume design overseen by the accomplished production designer Richard Lassalle.

What would the world be like without the magic colors of a rainbow? What would the world be like if people weren’t black, brown, yellow or white skinned? Would diversity exist without color? What would the world be like if we couldn’t see the bright blue of the ocean or the sky? Would the horizon exist? Would we appreciate the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset? What would the world be like without the color of the flowers? Would mother nature be so wonderful?

Most people may never have thought about what a colorful world we are living in, and few may have ever given a thought to how a world without color would be. This is because everyone with visual ability was born into a world full of colors.

The photography of flowers and magnificent views, like the Niagara Falls, would be rather lackluster as the essence of the moment would not be able to be captured. Colours add magnificence to a peacock’s features and excitement to hobbies like snorkeling and photography. The blue of the ocean and the sky would never be cherished without colours. Therefore, colour adds multifarious ness to nature. In fashion, if there were no colours, everything would only be patterns and designs. There would be no longer a wider range of choices when shopping. Everyone would be wearing similar types of shirts. Take for example, the make-up industry.

Colours make nature, fashion, flags and the various races much more interesting and diverse. Without colours, nature would not be appreciated as much as it is coloured. Generally, a colorless world would be thought of as having no color except black, white and grey shades. Imagine that all of a sudden, everything loses its colors. In such a situation, everything would mix with his surroundings and it would become impossible to distinguish one object from another. For example a peach and an apple would look almost identical. There would be no distinct features.

We’d lose all sight for which was which, basically normal organisms wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from one thing to another resulting in chaos. Emotionally and Mentally: Our world would seem depressing and very dark and disturbing. Some would enjoy this, while others would not because a world without colors means a world with no life. We basically need colors to help us get through the day and without them…life would be sad.

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