Disadvantages Of Travelling Abroad Essay

Nowadays, it is easier and easier for people to travel abroad. Thank to the globalization, the amount of foreign tourist is continuously increasing in some developing as well developed countries. Along with many benefit and joyfulness that traveling abroad brings to them, there are many disadvantage of it that suffer to the foreign tourists, especially, when they do not get some knowledge about the journey, destinations... before traveling.

People desire to travel abroad because they can take the exciting adventure to discover the new lands, meet the native people, and enjoy the food and culture here. One of the most attractive features toward foreign tourists is architecture. In particular, the architectural design between The East and The West is quite different and each country has its own specific architecture, therefore, it brings enthusiasm and high satisfaction to12 traveler when they set foot in the strange nation.

Other excellent factors that the tourists want to experience when they travel overseas are food and customs. The food are over the world is so diversity and its process too. Trying once time and remembering all the rest of life is the common travelers' state of mind. Even though the foreign food is taste or not, the feelings when they eat are the exciting, unforgettable memory. Besides, strange customs also bring the fresh experiences for traveler during the journey.

In the other hand, before and during the journey, the foreign tourists have to do many preparations in order to prevent some problems about the excess cost, travel documents and the security. Although a trip abroad nowadays is so far more convenient and easier than a few years ago, travelers must make sure about the information on passports, visas, international driving permits and a variety of other documents they will need when they travel outside the country. Besides, getting knowledge already about the destination is one of the useful manners that tourists can avoid the bad situations and enjoy the trip in the most positive way. For example, reading a destination's publications is the good first step for a healthy and safety journey.

Besides, there are another barriers for a trip overseas e.g the cost, the time ... It's hardly for the low-income people or the citizen in developing countries to take a trip outside their our countries. Moreover, the increase of work hours, the fixed schedule for jobs and the short summer vacation in some countries have cut the demand of travel abroad. Normally, the pensioners or people who have flexible, independent jobs is the objects to the trip overseas.

To sum up, traveling abroad brings many fresh, exciting discoveries to tourists. It helps to promote the development of the tourism industry, prosperity of society and contribute to diversity the human culture. Along with these benefits, the preparations are deeply necessary for a tourist for a healthy and safety trip overseas.

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling.

There are many ways of spending free time. One of them is travelling. Certainly, it has its pros and cons.
First advantage of travelling is visiting interesting places and meeting new people. It is connected with getting to know other cultures and traditions which is surely valuable. Secondly, it is usually said that journeys educate, so whilst travelling as well as exploration we can make our knowledge wider. Also we become more experienced and ready to cope with surrounding world if we learn something while being in journey. Furthermore, travelling is the best solution for those of us who suffer from boredom or want to get away from ?grey reality? and experience great adventure. Journeys give to people a little fun and also make dreams come true.
On the other hand, journeys has some crucial disadvantages. Firstly, costs of travelling are often quiet high for example travelling by plane, so naturally not everyone can afford. What is more, journeys especially foreign ones expose us to danger of disease or even death. Travelling can lead to fall ill and maybe then to expensive treatment or in case of fatal accident like for instance car and aerial one to death of many people. The next disadvantage is fatigue that occur while travelling. Most journeys last very long and it can make us feel tired.
To sum up, travelling is a very good way of spending time. It can educate, give impressions, nice memories and let make friends. However, in my opinion travelling in spite of its whole advantages, it should not be the only way to learn about the world.

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