Are Actors And Athletes Overpaid Essay

Who doesn’t know how much grossly overpaid the actors and professional athletes of our era are? This gross payment has made the already glitzy and glamorous showbiz world appear even starrier to the eyes of common people. This has had not only a load of adverse affects on other career paths but also a melancholy impact on the young un-tainted minds of our younger generation as now the idiom that ‘all that glitters is not gold’ has become null and void in this respect. Not only is the showbiz industry glittery and eye-catchy but also encompasses huge monetary rewards as can be seen by the affluence of these so-called ‘stars’. I say the real stars; the real heroes are those who save lives, mould and design brighter futures and not those who have a rather shallow and superficial impact on everyday lives. But no, they aren’t regarded as such due to the blindfolds that the ostentatious world of showbiz has woven over many eyes. The younger ones due to this are seeking careers in the showbiz over the more humble career paths such as medicine and engineering. This may contribute, in the near future, to a dearth of doctors and engineers.

If we remove the blindfolds from our eyes and look beyond the glitz we’ll readily see that these actors and professional athletes are purely for entertainment purposes and their acting cannot ever save a dying person. No matter how much anyone would like to think otherwise, they can certainly not improve the standard of life. So, when they cannot do anything substantial, and mind it I am not disregarding their work / efforts, all I am concerned about is when we compare the works we see that the doctors or engineers are doing a whole lot more than them than why doesn’t their pay say so as well? Why is the pay so hypocritically allotted? We all know that the real work is done by these very doctors / engineers, then why is the share of their pay lesser than that of those who aren’t doing much in comparison?

My claim is not without evidence if you compare the pay of an average doctor (Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000)/ an average engineer (Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000) with that of an average actor (Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 200,000 per drama) you can see the diversity quite unmistakably. That is why we see some doctors and engineers not practicing their respective careers but pursuing acting. I am sure the reader knows a handful of actors who were formerly engineers or doctors.

In a nutshell, we should try to see beyond what appears to be the reality to comprehend the facts. We should learn to differentiate between apparent and real. Also, we should acknowledge the hard work where it is due because appreciation does help and is the least we can do. Hoping against hope that I’ll get to see not the beautified faces of models splashed on magazines but that of the real heroes who are as yet unknown to us.

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