Erics Assignment

It was my fault, Sheila. I wasn’t responsible at the time. Not responsible enough to realize how I was having an effect on her life. Eva Smith’s life. Only now do we realize how hard it must have been for her; how it must have felt. Struggling with the whole world seeming to be fighting against you. From the ‘lower class’ perspective it must look so unfair.

Alone, but in a community. At the time I was just a drunk young man in a bar drinking with two or three chaps. I began to talk to her; she was drunk too you see. She didn’t move away. But later I was in such a state that I threatened to make a row if she didn’t let me into her lodgings. I can’t believe I dared to act like that. But if people want to change they’ll have to believe. Father and mother just don’t understand, no one does, and they won’t change. No one will. We will have to help to make the next generation better.

Father and mother…they just don’t understand. They will ever change. Would you go to father for help? The point is, the younger generation has the power to change. We can change our generation and the next. The lower class don’t have a say in change, but we all do…all because we’re the ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’. What difference does it really make? Why can’t they have a say in how things are run? They feel powerless. This is why we have to help them…speak out. Only now we understand, it’s just cruel! Why should they feel…alone? Why let them feel helpless? They have nobody. They live alone. Die alone. They can’t even help it! Eva. She was only one, like the Inspector said, ‘What about the millions of other Eva Smiths in the world’; she was only one example.

How many others have been treated like this just because of their class? All those John Smiths. Even Edna, Sheila. We look down upon her like she’s nothing; it doesn’t matter how much she does for us. She doesn’t even complain. Just another individual, out of the millions in the world. They all get treated the same way. Eva was just helpless and we were all against her, whether we meant to be or not. Why did she have to live like this? She didn’t! That’s the answer, the way I see it.

Everyone has their own excuse as to why this happened. Father. He took her job from her just because she asked for higher wages, just a few extra shillings! He doesn’t understand how hard it is to get another job for the likes of them. Mother was just as bad. She only takes up ‘deserving cases’, well that’s another thing we learnt today. We know she refused Eva’s case partly due to Eva using mother’s name, but it was also because of her class. It was our family that did this to her Sheila! It was me too, I have to accept that. I made her pregnant. How foolish was I?

She died with that child. Another life we ruined. The Inspector was right, his socialist views about how things should change. Things will only change if we demolish this cruelty. It’s the likes of our father and mother that are the cranks. The Inspector. He knew…he knew, alright.

Eric's Online Perl Tutorial
Perl - Scripting Basics & Advanced Techniques

WM112/WM113 Merrimack College Webmaster Certificate Program
Eric D. Larson, Instructor

Recommended Texts:Learning Perl Second Edition
Randal L. Schwartz & Tom Christiansen
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1997
ISBN: 1-56592-284-0
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web
Shishir Gundavaram
1st Edition March 1996
1-56592-168-2, Order Number: 1682
450 pages, $32.95
Webmaster In A Nutshell
By Stephen Spainhour & Valerie Quercia
1st Edition October 1996
374 pages, $19.95

Course Objectives:
    Perl, Perl, and nothing but Perl...  well ok, maybe some CGI stuff too!
    This course will take you through all aspects of Perl programming and how it can be used for web development.
    Data Structures: Scalars, Arrays, Hashes
    Control Blocks: if/then/else, while/for/foreach loops
    Basic I/O: File Handles, STDIN/STDOUT
    Advanced I/O: Interacting with the OS, Working with Files & Directories, Formats
    Regular Expressions: Pattern Matching, Substitutions
    Functions: Subroutines
    CGI Programming in Perl: Dynamic HTML Generation, Form Processing
    Perl Packages: Modules, Reusable Code
    LWP: The Web Library for Perl

Session 1
Handout 1    Handout 2
Unix Commands Handout
HTML Color Table
Handout:Hello World/print examples

Assignment: Skim over Preface & Chapter 1, Read Chapter 2 - Homework #1

Session 2
    Scalar Data & Data Manipulation: Operators
    Programming Style:  Use of comments, indenting, blank space/spacers
    Getting Input from the user: <STDIN> as a scalar value
    In-Class Assignment: Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 p. 47
    Handout: Ch2 Exercises

    Assignment: Read Chapter 2 (if you haven't already), 3 & 4 - Homework #2

Session 3
    Conditionals: if...then...else
    Loops:  while, for, foreach - Examples
    Arrays & Lists
    CGI Overview
    How to generate web pages with perl programs

    Assignment:  Read Chapter 5 & 6 - Homework #3

Session 4
    Hashes (cont.)
      Read Chapter 8, 10, 14(pages 142-147 only)

Session 5
    File Handles
    System I/O

Session 6
Handout1    Handout2
    The Perl CGI Module
    Form Processing with Perl


Session 7
Handout 1
Other cool stuff you should know...
How to use cron

Session 8
Regular Expressions & Pattern Matching

Session 9
Hash & Array References, Records

Session 10
Mail & Web Clients
Sending Email with Perl

Session 11
Parsing and Scraping HTML with Perl

Session 12
File Locking

Session 13
Perl FTP Clients

Session 14
Database Access in Perl

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