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When my teacher said "good morning" to me on the very first day of school, I knew that she would be teaching a tough subject. She didn't get any answer for that greeting because back then, I knew nothing about "good morning". Surprisingly, as I went through the class session on that day, I realized that "good morning" wasn't the first English phrase that I'd known. English has been rooted in my society long before my country achieved its independence and shockingly I've used some of its words in my daily speech without realizing it because the words were fully modified by the society so that they could be installed smoothly into our language.

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When someone speaks English in my society, he or she feels a sense of withdrawal because they are set apart to a very small group in the society. People tend to belittle this group for speaking other languages, and normally they will end up speaking their first language to comply with the larger group in the society. With all these reasons, my interest towards English was completely gone when I enrolled in secondary school, six years after my formal `encounter' with the English language. For having this negative feeling, I became a member of a large group of students who had never realized the significance of the English language.

One day was unusually dull. I was waiting for the teacher to come to the class and instead of revising my past English lessons that I rarely cared about, I prayed that she wouldn't show up that day. After ten minutes' wait, she entered the class saying "good morning". The greeting didn't bother me much, but when she came to me asking for the assignment that she gave the day before, I was speechless and I just gave her the blank handout that I was supposed to complete for that day. Her face showed no emotion and with that she ripped the paper into pieces. That day marked a massive change in my attitude toward English lessons and the English language in general. The incident was very important to me because I then realized that even in a subtle way, language represents people and to respect the language means to respect

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In tonight's class, we will take a look at the teachers' marking rubric and discuss the meaning of CFSM. Each student essay handed in last week has an attached copy of the marking rubric to help students understand the strengths and weaknesses of their writing.

How Teachers Mark Your Essays

To mark your composition, teachers will look at four areas: Conventions, Form, Style, and Meaning. Each of these is worth 25% of your total score on any composition. 

The teachers assign a mark for each area in the same order as given above (C, F, S, M).

Briefly, the four areas are defined as follows:

Conventions: These are the basic parts of your writing: the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. Teachers look for the number of errors made and, more importantly, to see if these errors make it hard to understand your writing.

Form: This is the order of your writing and how easy it is to follow your ideas. In an essay, for example, teachers examine how well your introduction, body, and conclusion work together and how logical your order of ideas is inside each paragraph. (See class notes with tips for good essays)

Style: Here, your sentence variety and knowledge of idiom and vocabulary are very important. How fluent is your language? Are your sentences precise? To excel, a student needs a good repertoire of sentence types, along with a strong vocabulary. (View the Advanced Composition Worksheet Archive)

Meaning: Teachers look here for signs of your developing voice in writing. The more individual (meaning your ideas are specific to your own experience and you have conveyed them well) the better. Are your ideas convincing? Are they mature? Originality counts here. Remember the rule: Show, Don't Tell! (Worksheet on Show, Don't Tell)

Composition Marking Scale
NOTE: Off topic essays are awarded DNP (did not pass)

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