Broken City Lab Homework Clipart

Both parent accounts and teacher accounts have access to the same student performance data, but they organize students in different ways:

Teacher accounts organize students into classes with end dates, making it easier to track the progress of many students, one school year at a time. Teachers receive a weekly report that shows a summary of class activity.

Parent accounts focus on the progress of just a few children. Parents receive a weekly report that includes a separate report for each child.

Teachers who plan to use XtraMath at home with their own children, as well as at school, should select both options at signup to create a dual parent/teacher account. Dual accounts have a special “My kids” section to keep your own children separate from your classes at school. You can convert an existing parent or teacher account to a dual account — when you change your account settings, look for the checkbox at the bottom of the “Accounts” page.






Holly Creek





Established in 1909 – 108 Years of Service to the Community




3 yr old Program & Grades PreK-8th







You're Entering Redhawk Country!







 Let's have a great year!!






Happy St. Patrick’s Day




Holly Creek Student Creed

I am an exceptional student at Holly Creek School. I am in control and I accept responsibility for my behavior.

I will be respectful of others and myself at all times, treating people with courtesy and consideration for their feelings.

All items in my possession will be necessary for the learning environment of the school, never anything that would distract from or disturb the learning environment.

The choices I make will be for the good of my peers, my teachers, my school, and therefore myself.

I will believe! I will achieve! I will succeed!



Celebrating 108 years of service & dedication to the children of our community!


         Website Editor – Deborah Allen



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