Assignment Task In Informatica Workflow Errors

Email task is used to send emails while running the workflow.Using email task we can get failure and success notifications

To explain this lets take the example of a workflow with two sessions.Session1 and Session2

a)Go to create task and create an Email Task and name it as Test_email

b)Also Enter the following details

  • Email User Name : 
  • Email subject   :
  • Email text:

Email User Name either you can hard code with an email id or give a workflow variable.To give Workflow variable, goto the workflow variable and create a new one to hold email address $$Email_Failure   



Below is the list of codes and description of the  PMCMD return status, you can find it in CommandReference_en.pdf.


0 For all commands, a return value of zero indicates that the command ran successfully. You can issue the

following commands in the wait or nowait mode: starttask, startworkflow, aborttask, and abortworkflow. If you

issue a command in the wait mode, a return value of zero indicates the command ran successfully. If you issue a

command in the nowait mode, a return value of zero indicates that the request was successfully transmitted to

the Integration Service, and it acknowledged the request.

1 Integration Service is not available, or pmcmd cannot connect to the Integration Service. There is a problem with

the TCP/IP host name or port number or with the network.

2 Task name, workflow name, or folder name does not exist.

3 An error occurred starting or running the workflow or task.

4 Usage error. You passed the wrong options to pmcmd.

5 An internal pmcmd error occurred. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support.

7 You used an invalid user name or password.

8 You do not have the appropriate permissions or privileges to perform this task.

9 Connection to the Integration Service timed out while sending the request.

12 Integration Service cannot start recovery because the session or workflow is scheduled, waiting for an event,

waiting, initializing, aborting, stopping, disabled, or running.

13 User name environment variable is set to an empty value.

14 Password environment variable is set to an empty value.

15 User name environment variable is missing.

16 Password environment variable is missing.

17 Parameter file does not exist.

18 Integration Service found the parameter file, but it did not have the initial values for the session parameters, such

as $input or $output.

19 Integration Service cannot resume the session because the workflow is configured to run continuously.

20 A repository error has occurred. Make sure that the Repository Service and the database are running and the

number of connections to the database is not exceeded.




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