Rel 212 Weekly World View Chart Assignment

WORLD RELIGIONS – REL 212 World Religions WEEK 10 - NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS Week 10 - Sources Fisher, M.P. ( 2013) Living Religions 9th Edition Unification Movement Cosmogony Origin of the Universe God created the universe by "Universal Prime Energy" Nature of God/Creator God is omnipotent and is the Creator of all things. He is the absolute reality eternally self-existent, transcendent of time and space (Ex. 3:14). Therefore, the fundamental energy of His being must also be absolute and eternally self-existent. At the same time, He is the source of the energy, enabling all things to maintain their existence. View of Human Nature Human beings and the universe reflect God's personality, nature, and purpose. The ‘self’ is God's object. The purpose of human existence is to return joy to God. All created beings, regardless of their level of complexity, possess an intangible internal nature (i.e. human mind), and a tangible external form (i.e. human body. This relationship allows the individual to exist and function purposefully as a creation of God. No one has known the root of sin, which lies deep within and ceaselessly drives people toward the way of evil. The church links Communism (the expression of Satan) with Cain and Democracy (the expression of God) with Abel. View of Salvation Indemnity – the process that restores human beings and the world to God's ideal. Universal salvation - Salvation may come to all people through one central point. For those who believe in one religion as the only way, the divine mandate to save all humankind is a powerful impetus to missionary activity. View of After Life We are essentially spiritual beings who possess physical bodies. When we die, the physical person dies. The essential person remains. There is an invisible spiritual world surrounding this physical one, inhabited by those who have passed on. Practices and Rituals Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony - large-scale wedding or marriage rededication ceremony removing humans from lineage of sinful humanity and moving them into God’s sinless lineage Holy Wine Ceremony- conducted before the marriage; this purifies the couple so their children are born free from original sin (sin inherited from Adam and Eve). Three Day Ceremony - performed by married couples before they engage in sexual activity Celebrations & Festivals True God's Day; True Parents' Day; True Day of All Things; Chil II Jeol: Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing; True Children's Day; Foundation Day for the nation of the Unified World

Religion Origin of All Things Nature of God View of Human Nature View of Good and Evil View of “Salvation” View of After Life Practices and Rituals Celebrations and Festivals Week 1 Indigenous Peoples Week 2 Hinduism Collectively Indian religions grouped together. There are 330 million deities. There are three major groupings: Shaktas who worship a Mother Goddess, Shaivites who worship the god Shiva, and Vaishnavites who worship the god Vishnu. Human nature is based on the Vedas. When it comes to doing good and evil, everything boils down to karma. Action, and consequences of action. Every act and every thought and every desire we have, shapes our future experiences. Our life is what we have made it. And we ourselves are shaped by what we have done: There are many paths to salvation. They strive to achieve moksha, or liberation from the limitations of space, time, and matter through realization of the immor-tal Absolute. There is belief

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