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Media is such a way through which information is transmitted to millions of people at once. Earlier, people used to dance, songs, drama to reach their point of view to others, so that they had to communicate directly with others. It has changed over time and Print Media had taken in its place, then the mass media, and now through social media. Media is a very easy and robust way of communication. Nowadays, media is the easiest way to reach and get news. Through radio, TV, newspaper, and internet one can easily communicate with others.Media is an important place in our society.

Short History of Media Revolation

When the media started work for the first time, the print media came, this means the newspaper. Through newspapers, the people started to print their own information or the necessary information to reach the people. Through this, many people have come to know the information in a very short period of time. After this, the radio came, through which we could listen to songs, diverse information, and news. By setting the frequency of the radio, this village started reaching the city. After this, the revolution in the field of media brought TV revolution. The tv was used to entertain many serials, knowledge enhancements, as well as news broadcasting in it. In addition to hearing any program, we could also see it. At the time, there was only Doordarshan was only media channel. It used to be 2 times a day for 10-15 minutes, which covered the essentials of the country and foreign news only.

What is media? (Media Definition)

Paper media used to work for local news, TV stars, politicians etc. All these could be read in detail in print form. Over time, the channels grew in TVs. It has created the trend of people, Different types of Channel were made e.g news, in which news of 24 hours started to come. Now channels there are different channels like Separate channels for movies, religious channels, channels for children, different channels of every language, channels have come for comedy serial. Along with this, now they create a new channel to telecast back their old serials with the media. In this way, the network of media names spread to the country, society.

Number of TV Channels in India

  • News Channel (Hindi) – 25(Approx)
  • Recreational Channel (Hindi) – 25(Approx)
  • Film Channel – 20(Approx)
  • Music Channel – 15(Approx)
  • Kids Channel- 14(Approx)
  • Informational Channel – 18(Approx)
  • Religious Channel – 29(Approx)
  • Sports Channel – 13(Approx)

Essay on the positive and negative impact of the media channel

Media Advantages and Disadvantage

Increasing media in TV has both positive and negative impact on the society, on the life Media have many benefits, so many losses. Let’s know about it in detail –

Media Positive Impact and Advantages

The biggest instrument of media is television today. There are numerous entertainment channels on TV today, there are as many or more news channels.

  • Through media, people get education, they know health, environment, and other information through TV, radio programs.
  • Through media, people get a good platform to keep their talents in front of everyone in the world.
  • Children’s knowledge grows. Children like Discovery learn a lot through quiz programs.
  • Radio is also a good medium, it keeps getting information on anything. Nowadays mobile also has the facility of radio, FM.
  • Advertising through media has opened the way for the company’s advancement. As soon as the media came behind them, to advertise their product, they got good media. People get information about different types of products
  • TV channels also earn by advertising.
  • It’s a great way of entertainment. People started entertaining through the show, TV serials, news, songs, movies.
  • Countries of different regions of the world, people of religion can come together and show their talk, their talents in it.
  • Through media, live news of the country and the world can be found. These media are immediately imprisoned in any corner of the world and they are brought in front of everyone.
  • Different channels have become different for all subjects, which helps people why they want to see their wishes, when they want to see it.
  • There is a separate channel for children so that parents can show them only, and keep them away from the rest of the channel.
  • Many religious channels are also available, which can accommodate our y elderly people.
  • There are also many types of news channels, different for local news, separate for the state, separate for the country, different for the foreign and separate channel of share market. If there are so many options, we can choose anyone with our own intention. These channels are available in many languages, so those who understand different languages of the country can enjoy these channels in their regional language.
  • For the latest news, the internet can also be supported, social media is quite popular nowadays, by which many people are connected, and share information with them as well.
  • A lot of sports channels come also on TV, thanks to them, we sit at home and enjoy the ongoing cricket match.
    Many people work hard to open the pole of corrupt leaders with media. They bring their truth to everyone by a sting operation.
  • Celebrity actors are afraid of doing anything wrong due to the form of media because the media is showing their every activity.

The media, who work hard every day for their news and views, every media tries to do it that the news or program will be telecasted in the first channel. Media has become part of our everyday life.

Negative effects of media channels ( Media Disadvantages )

  • channels became rivalry are increasing. In the TRP race, they do not pay attention to the quality of the program, and just show anything.
  • Nowadays, the advertisement comes more than the TV program. Those who have TV channels get money from advertising, so they show ads more in their program, and shorten the program.
  • To show anything, nowadays, the squat is served. Many times, there are programs in the family channel that can not be seen sitting with the family, and suddenly all of them feel confused.
  • Most people have become busy because of the growing channel in TV. After one program, they keep sitting in front of TV sets. Along with this, more programs come in the different channel at the same time. It means people’s lives are just around the TV, mainly such women do.
  • Due to their program, women leave all the works of the house. Many times their husbands are troubled by this habit.
  • People spend time due to spending more time in social media, social media. It also affects the social life of the people.
  • Mass media, the worst effect of social media is on children and students, they take their focus more on this, thereby affecting their studies.
  • Mass media, social media, in a way puts you in the habit, it becomes difficult for you to remain without it. This also stops the development of the mind of the person, and they are not able to think creatively.
  • Continual mass media, exposure to social media, affect children’s brains, and eyes. Children begin to wear glasses at an early age. Apart from this, many health problems such as a headache, pain in back etc.
  • There are many problems for those who spend more time in social media. If the parents do not pay attention, then children fall in the company of wrong people, and they spoil their future.
  • There are many dirty channels also on the mass media, social media. This is like a curse for our society, which distorts the future of the country. For this, the government should take strong action, and such a TV channel should not allow the program to be broadcasted on TV.
  • Many people hear the FM, they put headphones, listen to it, do the driving. It has trouble in their ears, as well as using headphones during driving is also a major reason for the accident. It was just recently heard that a school bus hit the train, killing 15-20 children. The reason for the accident was that the driver used to have a headphone so that he could not hear the voice of the man standing in the gate of the railway.
  • Programs which are shown on mass media, social media, many times also give wrong education. There are also programs related to crime, which gives new people a new idea, and this leads to a variety of criminal incidents in our society as well.
  • Cigarette, alcohol consumption is also shown openly in the mass media, social media programs, children are also affected with this view, they take it down in their life.
  • The programs shown in TVs are very rich, poor, caste, religion, and people get wrong education.
  • By the influence from social media children and young people do some risky at their own home and make them suffer. During the time of ‘Shaktimaan’ serial, when the serial was coming, the children were also following it in their house, so many children went to their life..
  • To make their news media, they speak anything, they go to any extent. Nowadays the truth in the media is less content.
  • Talk about wrong about any actor, actress, politician or Famous personality.
  • In the media of this country, you will not be able to help them during the disaster, accident, but you will ask them how do you feel? It looks like they have lost their humanity as well.
  • The media has promoted casteism, sometimes it is said for a particular religion, that people of that religion are invited, and many times the issues reach the communal riot.
  • Sometimes some rumors are spread about a particular person so that the reputation of that person is destroyed.

Media Obligations and duties towards society

  • The media should keep in mind that what they are showing is true. False, rumor should not be shown.
  • No one should disturb mentally by your program.
  • Such programs should be shown so that the country society can learn something and move forward.

The government should keep an eye on the mass media and social media, no wrong thing, unsavory programs should not be telecast.
The media has become such a platform, which has a significant high position in the society, should work itself to maintain its reputation. However, the media works very hard, they work 24 hours, so that they can entertain the society. Thanks to them, the film actor becomes the star, the black-eyed politician comes out.

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Cinema – It’s Good and Bad Effects


Motion Pictures- their Advantages and Disadvantages


Impact of Cinema in Life


Why I like Movies

   Nobody can deny the fact that recreation is as important in life as work. All work and no play, makes life dull and boring.  Life would lose its charm if there is no amusement in it.  That is why recreation has always been an important part of human activity. Even in ancient days, games and sports, dancing and singing, dramatics and hunting, used to be the favorite pastimes that provided man with a welcome change in this dull and dry routine of work and labour.  Fairs and festivals also serve the same purpose.  In this age of science, the modern man has devised various machines to amuse and entertain himself.  Cinema is the most modern and the most popular form of entertainment.  It is an entertainment within the reach of all – the rich as well as the poor.  In all seasons, in rain or sunshine, the cinema provides an excellent amusement to the people.  Crowds of people can be seen standing in queues in front of the booking windows at all times of the day.  With the coming of the television and video tapes, cinema has become a part of almost every home.  It has become a part and parcel of life.  Today we can live without food for a day but we cannot think of life without cinema.

                                The rich as well as the poor are fond of going to the pictures.  Although the small silver screen is available in several houses, yet a  majority of the people still like to go to the cinema houses to enjoy the movies on the big screen.  Even in this age of rising prices, the taste of cinema going public has not been affected.  They are as fond of it as before.

                                Cinema is a very useful and educative entertainment.  We see the pictures of dams, factories, rails, roads, tractors, and so many other things of interest on the motion picture screen.  We learn so many new things which enrich our mind with interesting details of new information.  Cinema has thus an educational value.  Besides, cinema is a means of advertisement.  In a poor country like India, it has got a great value.

                                There is hardly any aspect of human life which is outside the scope of the cinema.  It has created a better understanding and goodwill among different countries by showing their social, economic and cultural life.  It has brought people of different countries of the world nearer to one another.  It presents a true picture of the human civilization.  The cinema represents the mystery of human life and throws light on the inner secrets of the human life and heart.

                                Cinema has lurking dangers in it.  It has hit hard the labouring classes and the students.  Undesirable cravings are harboured and evil company is allowed to breed.  Eyesight, too, is affected and money is squandered recklessly.  Young boys and girls are, at times, led astray.  Cheap films do a lot of damage to their morals.  Their attention is focused on fashions and just.

                                Great improvement and reforms can be brought into the film world.  Development schemes should be popularized.  The teaching of some subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Engineering should be introduced.  The evils of cinema should be denounced openly.  Gross sex pictures should be banned.  Shameless display of love should be avoided. The Censor Boards should be strengthened.  The overall influence of cinema on the youth in this country has not been good and whole some.

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