Adms 3541 Assignment Submission

The Idea of Self-Awareness in the Work Environment Drucker’s article “Managing Oneself” depicts how you can construct your career path in a world full of open doors. He explains how individuals do not pursue entering a new workplace since they are not self-aware of what their “talents and qualities” (Drucker, p.1) are. He discloses to the readers that they must focus on their qualities and profoundly understand the abilities that they as of now have. Furthermore, the key aspects to focus on are the manner by “which I learns things at school, workforce, the world (perhaps), how I work with others, what my qualities are and where I can achieve success.” (Drucker, p.1) One example is seeing myself as a forensic accountant. I chose to do accounting because I want to know why frauds exist. If I can collaborate with others, do further research and stay motivated and be adventurous, I can be effective to what I can do. Also, I have gained from "Managing Oneself" that remembering the last objective to find where I have a place, I should deal with my identity. This incorporates telling others that I am an audience, have a solid determination, appreciate working alone, prompting others and not driving, and additionally working under a high organized environment. In conclusion, when taking a glimpse at what I can contribute, Drucker recommends asking oneself "Where and how might I accomplish comes about that will have any kind of effect inside the following months?" (Drucker, p.2). Truly, I don't have numerous qualities contrasting with others, in any case my ability to comprehend things. As there are dependably somebody superior to me. I am likewise not the person who chooses to compete. The strengths I have maybe I can make a considerable number of companions who will help me when I was in a bad position. Accordingly, the ability to make social relationships may be my quality. Besides, it is truly useful for my future job. Understanding that these commitments must be practical yet difficult to accomplish, I trust that I can contribute my aptitudes and attributes to succeed in my schooling and adapting more about myself. This will help me when searching for work after school that fits my abilities and qualities. Being self-aware in the workforce is important to myself and to others. It is closely related to a skill mentioned by author Linda Dyer, called “critical thinking”. She quotes, “Critical thinkers are self-aware, curious and independent. They work to their own abilities; they work at knowing their own bias and can name strategies they are using when they are making judgement” (Dyer, p.2). Hence, the importance of self-awareness portrays significance in to my future career to making good decisions. References Drucker, P. F . (2005). Managing Oneself. Harvard Business Review, 83(1), 1-11 Dyer, L. (2011). Critical Thinking for Business Students, 2e. Captus Press. (Chapter 1: What is critical thinking)


MINI-CASE ASSIGNMENT #1 – THE 3M ORGANIZATION Question #1: Chester Barnard: He specifies his approach with three systems. The first system is the social system which companies should be able to satisfy the motive of the workers similarly to calling it as a “cooperative arrangement”. The second element connects with first element because it aids with the organization’s objective. Basically, if a company satisfies the motives of its participants and attains its main and common goal/s, the cooperative arrangement among them will last. The third element is the communication system which managers must establish and maintain an effective relationship with employees. Following all three elements, it portrays how 3M’s team leaders perform effective communication by bringing everyone together [all from different expertise] to discuss any problems and together, they can generate solutions. Also, the management at 3M provides bonuses to teams who create a winning product. This allows all employees to work together and feel their actions will be consistent with the needs and desires of the other employees. Mary Parker Follett: Unlike Charles’s approach, the 3M’s organization links closer to Follett’s approach only because it emphasizes on her practice of management. Fallot defined management as “getting things through others”. 3M uses that technique to encourage employees to maximize the production not by force, but through the involvement in coordination and harmonizing group effects. Also, Fallot’s self-management is involved when 3M’s employees get to choose [15 percent of their time] what they want to without the management’s approval. Fallot stress this element along with coordination because the decisions regarding how work should be done is to be made by those performing the tasks not the managers who are not familiar with the task. She emphasizes on the theory of “creative conflict resolution”. This theory connects to 3M’s innovate culture to which both managers and employees are happy as any problems has been resolved per their own desires. Question #2: Today, any businesses are affected by the external forces in the environment due to their competitors. Globally, a change in the business can not only attract customers, but allow business to stay current with industry trends. The ability to change can help any employees in a company by creating opportunities. With the leader-employee relationship, the employee may take imitative of the leadership role by taking additional responsibilities for future promotions. Companies that are proficient at handling change can help in an environment that encourages innovation (ex. 3M’s organization) At the 3M’s organization, the employees who feel that their ideas will be looked at by their manager may be more “willing” to think creatively which can help a company prosper. Looking at the technological effects, companies are updated with the advanced technology. Technology allows companies to do everything so it can get the work done faster and efficiently. Another strength with the technology in companies is the flexibility. With the benefit of technology, most employees are able to work at home with the aid of the advanced technology connected to their company. References Karakowsky, L., & Guriel, N. (2015). The Context of Business: Understanding the Canadian Business Environment. Toronto: Pearson.


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